Introducing the Danchee Ridgerunner RTR 1:10 scale rock crawler

We’re excited to announce the release of the Danchee Ridgerunner, a ready to run 1:10 scale rock crawler with many high end features not normally found at this affordable price point.

The Danchee Ridgerunner is designed to provide enthusiasts with a feature-packed, ready-to-run rock crawler experience that doesn’t break the bank. This exceptional vehicle comes with a 1500mAh Li-ion rechargeable 7.4v battery pack and a USB balance charger cable, ensuring you can stay on the trail without constant battery swaps. An oversized battery tray also allows the use of a standard size 2S LiPo pack if preferred. The included 2.4Ghz radio features four distinct steering modes, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable to many situations.

One of the standout features of the Ridgerunner is its four-wheel steering capability, made possible by the inclusion of dual steering servos, one for each axle housing. This setup allows for a range of steering modes that are invaluable for tackling challenging terrain. Users can choose between front-only two-wheel steering mode, rear-only two-wheel steering mode, front and rear four-wheel steering crab mode, and front and rear four-wheel steering tight radius mode.

The Ridgerunner takes advantage of portal axles, a key element in enhancing performance. Portal axles raise the differential height relative to the wheel mounting surface, providing added ground clearance without the need for larger tires. Furthermore, the portal gears are durable metal and they help to reduce chassis torque twist, resulting in a more stable ride. Each axle housing features an RC380 electric motor, contributing to a low center of gravity and providing ample four-wheel drive power for conquering rough and rocky terrain.

The four-link suspension and aluminum-capped oil-filled shocks are expertly integrated into a sturdy chassis, with metal frame rails, ensuring durability and superior performance. Whether you’re scaling steep inclines or navigating challenging obstacles, the Ridgerunner is designed to handle it all.

The RidgeRunner includes a “Dig function”, a feature usually specific to expensive, competition style rock crawlers. With a single press of the rear lock button, the rear wheels will be locked, allowing the front wheels to pull the crawler through the tightest of turns and gnarliest of obstacles. Press the button again to return to full on 4WD.

An additional feature that makes the Danchee Ridgerunner even more formidable in tackling rough and challenging terrain is its aggressive offroad tires. These specialized tires are designed to provide superior traction and grip on a variety of surfaces, including rocks, dirt, and uneven ground. The combination of these aggressive offroad tires with the Ridgerunner’s other high-end features ensures that it can conquer even the most demanding offroad environments with confidence and ease.

Overall, the Danchee Ridgerunner offers a range of advanced features typically not found at this price point. With its ready-to-run design, versatile steering, and axle configurations, it’s well-suited for rock crawling enthusiasts looking for an affordable, yet feature-rich option. The Danchee Ridgerunner is available in red or blue.

For more information on the Danchee Ridgerunner and other exceptional RC products from Redcat, please visit Gear up for the ultimate rock crawling adventure with the Danchee Ridgerunner, setting new standards in the world of affordable RC vehicles.

Needed to complete:
(3x) AA Batteries for Transmitter

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