Introducing the Everest Ascent Rock Crawler: Performance and Innovation in One Package

The Redcat Ascent is an all new low center of gravity (LCG) performance based 1/10 scale crawler. The Ascent is a 4WD rock crawler designed to fulfill the needs of weekend warriors and serious competitors alike. Out of the box, it’s an extremely capable crawler that is easy to drive and highly adjustable. The Ascent is ready to run, with radio and electronics, and requires a 2-3S LIPO battery pack, charger and transmitter batteries.

Aesthetically Pleasing Options: The Everest Ascent is available in two stunning aesthetic options to suit a variety of preferences. 

The red Ascent, designed for the weekend warrior, features a classic one-piece painted body with tinted windows, providing a timeless and sleek look.

The blue Ascent, tailored for serious rock crawling enthusiasts, boasts a two-piece dovetailed and pinched body design. The removable bed allows for weight savings and opens the door to additional modifications, catering to the most dedicated RC enthusiasts.

Front Tilt Body Mounting System: The Ascent features a forward-thinking front tilt body mounting system, offering a clean and streamlined appearance. Two discreetly placed rear body mounts secure the body, ensuring stability during intense rock crawling adventures.

Innovation and Durability: Incorporating innovative design features, the Ascent comes equipped with a forward-mounted motor positioned low for optimal rock climbing performance. The centrally mounted divorced transfer case features a quick-change system, minimizing the effort required to adjust the underdrive ratio for the rear axle. The quick-change underdrive transfer case allows for rapid gear changes without the need to remove the entire transmission.

For enhanced climbing performance, the Ascent includes optional underdrive gears that offer 10% or 20% underdrive to the rear axle, although it performs at 0% out of the box.

Low Center of Gravity (LCG) Flat Rail Chassis: A rigid 3mm steel chassis provides durability and stability while allowing for easy customization to meet individual preferences.

Multiple Battery Tray Positions: The Ascent features an adjustable battery tray capable of accommodating standard-size batteries or shorty packs, ensuring versatility and adaptability to different RC setups.

Portal Axles: Portal axles provide increased ground clearance without the need for larger tires. With more of the gear reduction happening in the portal axles, the Ascent experiences less torque twist in the body compared to traditional axles. Additional features include 54.5mm axle ground clearance, double-shear shock mounts, CNC machined spool-equipped metal gear covers, and metal wheel hexes.

Redcat 1.9 Classic Wheels: Classically styled off-road wheels are paired with aggressive open lug soft compound rubber tires, offering both style and performance.

Brushed 550 42 Turn Motor V4 Crawler ESC with 7.4V BEC @ 5A: The Ascent is powered by a brushed 550 42-turn motor and features a V4 Crawler ESC with a 7.4V BEC at 5A, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Precision Hexfly Digital Servo: A powerful metal gear waterproof servo with a 35kg rating out of the box (capable of 42kg at 8.4V) ensures precise and responsive control in challenging terrain.

Performance Aluminum Shocks: The Ascent is equipped with aluminum-bodied oil-filled shocks featuring mini exterior springs and internal springs for optimal performance, minimizing shock unloading.

Full Bearings & Metal Links: The vehicle includes full bearings and metal links, enhancing its durability and longevity.

Versatile Mounting Surfaces: The Ascent offers multiple mounting locations for ESC, receiver, and battery, allowing for flexible and customizable configurations.

Servo Winch Mount Location: A designated winch mounting location is concealed beneath a cover, offering the option for a servo winch attachment.

Redcat RTX-4C 4 Channel Radio System: The Ascent comes complete with the  RTX-4C, a 4-channel radio system featuring adjustable End Point Adjustment (EPA) on all channels, providing precise control and customization options for RC enthusiasts.

The Everest Ascent Rock Crawler by Redcat Racing combines performance, innovation, and affordability, setting the stage for a new era of rock crawling adventures. Get ready to conquer the most challenging terrains with style and confidence.

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Needed to complete: 
Battery and Charger
AA Batteries for Transmitter

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