Redcat announces the TC8-Marksman, 1:8 scale 4WD RTR Trail Crawler

Arriving September 2021

Price $ 439.99

Redcat is announcing their first ready to run 1:8 scale trail crawler, the Marksman. The Marksman uses the new Redcat TC8 1:8 scale platform, which includes a scale body, XR247 axles and superior electronics.

The Marksman includes a 2.4GHz radio system, HobbyWing Quickrun WP Crawler 80A ESC and Holmes Hobbies 13T Crawlmaster 550 brushed motor. This combination is super smooth and incredibly accurate for low end throttle control. The Holmes Hobbies Crawlmaster brushed motor uses a 5-slot rotor, for industry leading smoothness, and a 1/8th inch diameter shaft. The Hobbywing Quickrun WP 80A electronic speed controller is all weather waterproof and dustproof, has fifteen programmable parameter items and has nine levels of adjustable drag brake. Redcat has also included a Hobbywing ESC programming box for quick and easy ESC adjustments at the bench or on the trail. The Marksman does not include a charger or battery pack and is capable of running 2S or 3S LIPO or 5-9cell NiMH power. According to Redcat the Marksman was designed to work best with a 3S LIPO, but a 2S LIPO will also work.

The Marksman’s TC8 platform features a front mounted motor, centrally mounted divorced transfer case and center mounted battery tray. This setup offers excellent weight distribution which provides consistent handling while navigating a large range of obstacles and terrain. The large 1:8 scale TC8 platform allows for greater ease in overcoming obstacles with which a 1:10 scale truck could struggle.

The Marksman uses heavy-duty gears in its single speed transmission with a gear ratio of 1.54:1 (20/13) and a 32pitch pinion and spur gear. A built-in adjustable slipper clutch allows the driver to manage wheel spin when necessary. 

The centrally mounted divorced transfer case utilizes heavy duty MOD1 gears and has a gear ratio of 1.92:1 (25/13). As you would expect from any quality rig, the TC8-Marksman is fitted with a complete set of rubber sealed bearings.

The Marksman utilizes Redcat’s XR247 heavy-duty trussed axle housings. The XR247 axle housings include diamond shaped central housings, integrated trusses and heavy-duty double shear mounting points. A one piece pinion gear and metal spool provide balanced power transfer to both the left and right axles with a 2.91:1 gear ratio. 

Because of the Marksman’s specially designed high strength 1.5mm steel ladder-type frame rails, this truck not only has a solid backbone, but the wheelbase can be adjusted to a length of 355mm, 361mm, 367mm (stock), 373mm and 379mm. The Marksman’s heavy-duty drive shafts have metal ends for strength and they offer the perfect amount of telescoping action to accommodate each of the five different length wheelbase configurations.

The Marksman’s suspension depends on its 5mm heavy-duty metal links with flared heavy duty ball cups to keep things steady. A set of 100mm long travel aluminum body, oil-filled shocks provide consistently smooth dampening. Ride height can be quickly adjusted thanks to the threaded bodies and collars. Each of the four shock towers offer nine upper shock mounting positions for further suspension tuning.

A HEXFLY high-torque 25kg digital steering servo is used to aim the Marksman’s large off-road tires with consistency and accuracy. The HEXFLY digital servo uses anodized metal gears, metal servo horn and an aluminum center case for consistent cooling. The HEXFLY digital servo can be powered by 5-7.4 Volts and is waterproof, for those that enjoy navigating wet trails. The Marksman has impressive steering geometry with a 47 degree inside steering angle and a 32 degree outside steering angle. This combination of steering geometry and high torque digital steering servo allow this large 1:8 scale trail crawler to maneuver in and out of tight situations.

A 1:8 scale trail truck wouldn’t be complete without large 1:8 scale off-road tires. The Marksman rides on an officially licensed set of INTERCO SS-M16 hybrid performance off-road tires, which are mounted to a set of 8-spoke licensed Raceline Avenger wheels. This combo not only looks great, but the SS-M16’s high traction tread design performs well on a variety of different surfaces.

While the TC8-Marksman definitely has the makings of a high quality performance trail crawler, it doesn’t stop there. Redcat incorporated many additional scale details into the Marksman’s appearance, giving the user the best possible trail crawling experience available. The injection molded plastic driver’s head, with cowboy hat, sits on top of a detailed body, allowing the user to add immediate personality to their vehicle with a few swipes of a paint brush. Other added details include LED ready headlights, LED ready off-road light buckets, plastic roll cage, realistic looking non functional winch, rugged bumpers and rock sliders, inner wheel wells, spare tire mount and scrape away paint system. The Marksman is painted with a different color quality paint on the inside and outside of the body shell. This technique provides an interesting effect when grinding through rocky canyons. As the outer green layer of paint is scraped away, a rusty metal color is revealed beneath. This adds even more realism and excitement to the TC8-Marksman driving experience. This may possibly be the first time you actually want to get out and scrape up your brand new scale vehicle. 

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TC8-Marksman: Fully Assembled
Scale: 1:8 Scale
ESC: Hobbywing QuicRun 80A (2-3S LiPO / 5-9 Cell NiMH) with Programming Card
Motor: 550 Sized Holmes Hobbies 13T Crawlmaster Brushed Motor (5-slot rotor)
Servo: Metal Gear High Torque 25KG Steering Servo w/ Metal Lower Case
Radio: 2.4GHz Radio System (2CH)
Chassis: 1.5mm Steel Ladder-Type Frame Rails
Drive System: 4-Wheel-Drive, Front Mounted Motor
Transmission: Single Speed with Adjustable Slipper Clutch
Transfer Case: Divorced, Centrally Mounted
Suspension: 4-Link Rear and 3-Link Front with Panhard Bar
Shocks: 100mm Long Travel Coilover Threaded Aluminum Body, 14mm Diameter Piston
Axles: XR247 Trussed Housings, CVA Front Axles and CNC Aluminum Spools
Wheels: 8-Spoke Raceline Avenger, 4-Piece Bead-Lock Wheels
Tires: Licensed Interco SS-M16 tires.
Transmission gear ratio: 1.54:1 (20/13)
Transfer case gear ratio: 1.92:1 (25/13)
Axle ratio: 2.91:1 (32/11)
OTGR: 22.78:1 (43.03:1-18.84:1) Adjustment Range
Overall length: 577mm
Overall height: 274mm
Overall width: 296mm
Clearance: 50mm (axle housing), 86mm (center chassis)
Adjustable Wheelbase: 355mm -379mm, (367mm Stock)

Needed to complete:
Battery: 3S LIPO (2S LIPO or 5-9cell NiMH will also work)
Charger: Appropriate Charger for Battery Used
AA Batteries for Transmitter

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