The Redcat team made a huge impact at SEMA 2021 with our interactive booth

The Redcat team made a huge impact at the 2021 SEMA show with our interactive booth and special recognition for the Sixty Four hopping lowrider. Our interactive booth was the place to be, allowing show-goers to see Redcat vehicles in action. It was the most crowded booth in the area. Potential dealers were given the opportunity to drive Redcat crawlers as well as our lowrider hopper vehicles. The rear of the booth featured a custom built interactive scale crawler course while the front of the booth included a scale lowrider boulevard.

The custom crawler course featured interactivity with the Redcat Gen8 V2 International Harvester Scout, 1:8 scale Marksman Trail Crawler, Everest Gen7 Sport, and the perfect Holiday gift, the Danchee Ridgerock 4WD 4WS offroad crawler. Participants could navigate the vehicles over realistic mountainous terrain which included steep inclines, declines and a wooden bridge. Attendees were truly impressed at how well the Redcat vehicles performed. The Redcat portal axles are so true to scale that in 2019 an automotive school had purchased several of our portal axles to use in their classrooms as teaching aids.  

There were many different facial expressions surrounding the elevated lowrider street course including surprise, awe and sheer excitement. You haven’t really seen a Redcat lowrider until you’ve seen one in person. The crowd stared in amazement as participants got hands-on experience with the Redcat SixtyFour 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS and the new upcoming Redcat Monte Carlo, a 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo lowrider, which uses the brand new LR260 chassis. Participants smiled ear to ear as they clutched the specially designed LR6X 6-channel lowrider transmitter and actuated the simulated hydraulic suspension. Grown men and women acted like little kids again who were playing with their favorite toys on Christmas morning. The atmosphere was uplifting and truly inspiring. You could see many phones, action cams and DSLR cameras capturing the excitement that the Redcat lowriders were creating. The Redcat booth inspired many smiling faces this year at the 2021 SEMA event.

The Redcat brand has come a long way over the years demanding top quality from our factories and breaking new ground in the RC industry. The Redcat Team is comprised of a large group of down to earth, good hearted professionals who are passionate about the RC hobby and are full scale automotive enthusiasts. The booth was filled with several Redcat representatives who enjoyed sharing their knowledge, experience and passion for the RC hobby with many curious attendees.

The Redcat SixtyFour got some much deserved attention as it was featured in a special display area designated for this year’s great new innovative products. The Redcat SixtyFour is a fully functional 1:10 scale hopping lowrider. It is complete with LR6X 6-channel computer radio, 7.2V 3800mAh Ni-Mh battery pack and USB charger. The Redcat SixtyFour is the first mass produced ready-to-run hobby grade hopping lowrider to hit the market. For more information visit: 

There were several full scale lowriders at SEMA this year and the Redcat SixtyFour gave attendees a glimpse of what it’s like to operate a real hopping lowrider. The SixtyFour has created a new excitement in the scale RC hobby by reaching out to an automotive community that has previously been left out. The lowrider community has shown their appreciation through countless emails, online communities and interactions with Redcat employees. This amazing community wants to work alongside us to help grow this special niche in the RC hobby world of mass produced ready to run hobby grade lowriders and hoppers that we at Redcat have pioneered. This is an exciting time in the history of RC and we think you’ll be excited for what we have in the pipeline.

Speaking of next, the new and upcoming Redcat Monte Carlo is a fully functional lowrider based off of a 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and will be available for pre-order late November and will ship mid December. This vehicle features the new LR260 lowrider chassis which allows each of the four wheels to be raised and lowered independently. The Redcat Monte Carlo is complete with the LR6X 6-channel computer radio, 7.2v 3000mAh NiMH battery and USB charger. To find out more, go to

The Redcat booth displayed many other Redcat vehicles as well as this year’s custom SEMA build off contest winners which include Luie Alacala, Jeff Lozano and Scott Colvin. 

Luie Alacala’s Redcat SixtyFour SAVAGE build featured an abundance of engraved gold plating, custom interior, beautiful paint job and unspeakable hours of tedious detailing.

Jeff Lozano’s Redcat SixtyFour REDRUM build included a removable 3D printed rag top, realistic looking hydraulics in the trunk, custom stitched interior, custom paint and loads of chrome. These custom Redcat SixtyFours are truly stunning works of art.

Scott Colvin’s Redcat Gen8 V2 CREEP build was on display and is loaded with aftermarket parts, front winch, custom body, 3D printed parts, custom paint and loads of added details. This is one tough truck!

This year’s SEMA show was a huge hit for Redcat and enthusiasts alike. We hope to see you at the next SEMA event.

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