We’re Releasing The New Kaiju EXT, 1:8 scale 4WD, 6S Ready, Monster Truck

Shipping in early November

Price $ 459.99

We’ve taken the popular 1:8 scale Kaiju monster truck and extended its wheelbase, along with some additional changes. These changes include new belted tires, motor heatsink with fan, new motor mount, metal servo horn, rear wing, and a body that comes in white or copper.

The Kaiju EXT has a new and longer chassis which brings the wheelbase to 360mm. This gives the Kaiju EXT an additional 51mm of wheelbase over the original Kaiju. The original Kaiju is an incredibly fun truck to drive, especially while using a 6S LiPo to perform standing backflips and pull wheelies at almost any speed. Don’t let the Kaiju EXT’s extended wheelbase fool you, the Kaiju EXT is fully capable of the same backflips and even longer wheelies due to its added stability.

Part of the reason why the Kaiju EXT handles so well are its three sealed differentials, each with metal internal gears. The durable gear differentials are smooth and the center differential helps the Kaiju EXT perform like a race bred monster truck. The entire drivetrain is enclosed inside the chassis to protect it from rocks and debris.

The Kaiju EXT is 6S ready and will accept single or double LIPO batteries. The Kaiju EXT can handle a single 6S LIPO or double 3S LIPO batteries. If you prefer to run 4S through the Kaiju EXT, you’ll be happy to know it is also capable of running a single 4S LIPO or double 2S LIPO batteries. The Kaiju EXT uses the popular T-style battery connectors and includes a jumper for single battery pack configurations.

Hobbywing’s powerful 150A Brushless ESC and 4-pole 4068 2100Kv brushless motor are both waterproof and dustproof and the ESC features low voltage cutoff, as well as overheating protection. The brushless 4068 2100Kv motor is fitted with an aluminum heat sink and electric cooling fan for consistent cooling and performance. This Hobbywing system provides loads of power and driving excitement.

All that power requires strength and lasting durability, and we’ve started with the steering servo. We’ve fitted the HEXFLY 25Kg metal geared digital steering servo with a metal servo horn for added strength. Steel CVA drive shafts, steel internal differential gears, 17mm aluminum hex hubs, rubber sealed ball bearings, sealed drivetrain and extra durable plastics are some of the other performance and durability components standard on the Kaiju EXT. The plastic formula used on the Kaiju EXT is among the best we’ve ever had. It has just the right amount of flex, is incredibly strong and impact resistant. Not only are the plastics strong, the engineering of the plastic parts is exceptional. We’ve even added high strength captive ball ends to the steering and suspension links. The Kaiju EXT’s four aluminum threaded body oil-filled coil-over shocks are super smooth and provide excellent damping. The suspension is completely adjustable and tunable for most driving styles and conditions and comes pre-tuned for most surfaces.

Because of its massive power capabilities, the Kaiju EXT features an adjustable wheelie bar with rubber wheels for additional stability control. Lowering the adjustable wheelie bar keeps the Kaiju EXT’s front tires closer to the ground, though if you’re hard on the throttle, you can expect the front treads to air out. The Kaiju is incredibly powerful!

Licensed IROC Sniper M/T belted off road tires keep their composure at any speed, while the aggressive tread pattern finds traction on almost any surface. The IROC Sniper M/T’s internal belts eliminate high speed expansion and ballooning during donuts and wheelies. Since the Kaiju EXT is all about stability and handling, these tires look to be a great fit.

The Kaiju EXT was designed to be a high performance monster truck, with incredible power, speed and handling capabilities. The Kaiju EXT looks very aggressive and is super durable. Its sporty looking body features a working air scoop on the roof for additional cooling to the electronics.

The Kaiju’s beautiful paint and decals really make this truck stand out. The Kaiju even includes little luxuries like body clip lanyards that will help ensure your time is spent having fun, instead of searching for lost body clips. For more information about the Kaiju EXT visit: https://www.redcatracing.com/products/kaijuext

1:8 Scale KAIJU EXT: Fully Assembled Monster Truck
ESC: Hobbywing 150A Brushless ESC (4S – 6S LIPO Ready)
Motor: 4068 2100kv 4-pole Brushless Motor
Servo: 25Kg High Torque, Digital, Coreless, Metal Gears, Metal Servo Horn
Radio: 2.4GHz radio system
Drive System: 4-Wheel-Drive, Sealed Drivetrain
Differentials: Three Oil-Filled Gear Differentials
Drive Shafts: Steel CVA Drive Shafts with Captive Joint
Suspension: 4-Wheel Independent Suspension
Shocks: Aluminum Threaded Body Coil-Over Shocks
Adjustable Wheelie Bar
Battery (not included): Uses (2x) 3S LIPOs, (1x) 6S LIPO, (2x) 2S LIPOs, or (1x) 4S LIPO


Needed to complete: 
Battery & Charger
AA Batteries for Transmitter

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