NEW! ACTION VIDEO: Redcat Racing Terremoto With Locked Center Diff

Redcat Racing Terremoto Brushless RC Truck New Locked Center Diff Video Image

Redcat Racing Terremoto 1/8 Scale Brushless Electric Monster Truck – NEW Locked Center Diff Video

There has been much buzz about the new Redcat Racing Terremoto 1/8 scale 4×4 brushless monster truck and some have wondered how it would perform with the center differential locked solid. Well, wonder no more! Here is the Terremoto rippin’ it up with the center diff locked. We packed the inside of the center diff with non-hardening modeling clay. Clay is easy to remove and allows you to tune the diff with fluid later on if you choose. Make sure you pack the clay around the planetary gears. In other words, don’t pack the housing and expect to squash the gears into the clay.

We also replaced the front diff grease with 10,000cst diff fluid, and the rear diff with 7,000cst diff fluid.

The center diff included with the Terremoto allows YOU to choose how the truck drives. The Terremoto is fully tunable from the diffs, shocks, toe, camber, you name it!
Pick up a Terremoto today and experience a truly versatile monster truck!

To show just how versatile the Terremoto is, we’re making a series of videos of the Terremoto driving on a variety of surfaces and conditions. Be sure to subscribe to the Redcat Racing Youtube Channel so you don’t miss out!

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  1. Charliebill December 15, 2013 Reply

    Wow I was wondering how this would change the trucks operation. I just purchased mine and unfortunately I had a bad battery so I haven’t been able to go crazy but after watching the videos of te trucks I figured there was a way to fix te ballooning. This is the exact fix I wanted! Thanks for posting this now I know what to do! Maybe post a how too video. 🙂

  2. I just wanted to leave a note to those thinking of purchasing a redcat terremoto. The design ungodly fast and will go over anything but this thing is very delicate and easy to break. After 5 days me and my 2 sons broke the thing. is seemed that we broke the front axle and possibly the rear differential. the place where we purchased the terremoto is telling me that we have to pay for all repairs which I don’t feel is right. The thing comes with a 90 day warranty that is only good on electronics. I have never heard of anything have an only a warranty on electronics. I can completely understand them needing me to pay for the axle but not for the labor and for rear diffferential. so at this time I am very disappointed in the redcat terremoto. I’ll let you know what the outcome is as soon as I find out something. Good luck to all purchasing the terremoto.

  3. henry williams November 28, 2014 Reply

    Yikes is her name. This is my 1st electric 1/8 scale vehicle and I can’t stop smiling. My neighbors are amazed with my 180 degree turns and the jumps and rock climbing. The terremoto seems angry at whatever gets in its way! It violently assaults rocks bushes ditches etc.

  4. Rick hagerdon February 1, 2017 Reply

    How did you lock the center differential on a terremoto V2 and have both axles on the same direction I would really appreciate it tutorial step-by-step structions on how to do it

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