Protect Your R/C Engine! – Air Filter Maintenance Tip


Weather running a gas or nitro engine, the most important thing you can do is keep the bad stuff out. I’m referring to dirt and moisture.

Dirt is the most dangerous predator to a gas or nitro engine. It can stop it in its tracks and take it down for good. How do we protect our beloved engines from this dangerous dirty beast? Proper air filter maintenance.

Keep your air filter clean and use air filter pretreatment oil.

A Clean air filter

A clean air filter allows your engine to breathe properly. A clogged air filter will cause an engine to run rich, which will not hurt the engine, just cause undesirable performance.

dirty air filters can also lower the engines guard against infiltrating dirt. The carburetor will try to suck air in no matter how difficult it may be. If the filter is covered in dirt, it may cause some air to sneak into small gaps between the filter and housing. This would allow dirt to also sneak by and enter the engine. When a filter is kept clean, air can freely flow through the filter, capturing dirt, as it was designed.

Filter Oil

Filter oil is a necessity in catching small dust particles that could potentially damage the inside of your engine. While the filter element can catch larger dirt particles, the fine dust particles can squeeze by. Air filter oil creates a breathable defense barrier dust can’t penetrate.

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