Redcat announces the release of free scale accessories.

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Redcat announces the release of free scale accessories.

Phoenix, Arizona, Redcat Racing the premier source for quality gas, nitro and electric powered RC vehicles, announces the release of Free Scale Accessories.


Redcat Racing has designed and released free miniature 1/10 scale versions of the popular Gen7 Pro Green, Gen8 Blue, Gen8 Orange, and Gen8 PACK product packaging boxes, just like the ones the 1/10 scale vehicles arrive in. These free product boxes can be downloaded at no cost from, and printed from a typical home printer.


A scale shipping box is also available for download. The shipping box will hold four of the miniature product boxes neatly inside. Print off as many boxes as you like and have fun placing them on or around, your scale crawlers.


As if this wasn’t already cool enough, Redcat added even more free downloadable stuff, like a customizable printable garage. This is a great idea for those who would like to display their radio control vehicles in a realistic scale diorama, while they aren’t out getting them dirty. There are several interior and exterior walls to choose from, allowing many different garage configurations. Scale enthusiasts can build a custom garage to reflect the personality of their vehicle.  While these garage walls can be printed to any scale, it’s recommended to print each wall at its intended 30”x16” size. This will give the best results and scale look desired. If a large enough printer isn’t available, most office supply stores or custom print ships offer low cost print solutions.



Redcat products and free items displayed in the diorama example


Clear Body – custom painted


Free 2D Accessories:
Redcat Racing – Scale Gen8 Scout II – Blue Box
Redcat Racing – Scale Gen8 Scout II – Orange Box
Redcat Racing – Scale Gen8 PACK Box
Redcat Racing – Scale Everest Gen7 Pro – Green Box
Redcat Racing – Scale Shipping Box
Redcat Racing – Scale Interior Garage Wall 1
Redcat Racing – Scale Interior Garage Wall 2
Redcat Racing – Scale Interior Garage Wall 3


Free 3D Accessories:
Side Mirrors
Rear Hatch Handle
Liftgate Button
Gas Cap
Grill V5
Windshield Wipers
Roof Rack

If you are one of the rapidly growing numbers of hobbyists who own a 3D printer and want to print off even more scale accessories and upgrades, don’t forget about the Redcat Racing Thingiverse page. Redcat engineers are continually adding more 3D printable parts to this ever growing inventory of free downloadable 3D printable parts. Some of the most recent additions for the Gen8 are a roof rack, windshield wipers, rear liftgate button, door handles, license plate light bracket, gas cap, rear hatch handle, tailgate, and four brand new grill designs.



Join the community

Redcat Racing wants to see images of your custom creations. After setting up your newly printed scale accessories, upload photos of your setup to your favorite social media channel. Make sure you tag Redcat as we would love to see your creations. #Redcatcreations #Redcatnation #Redcatracing

Parts licensing

All 3D files provided by Redcat are completely free to use and are licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike license. To learn more about this license, visit:

About Redcat Racing

Established in 2005, Redcat Racing ( has become premier name for Fast – Affordable – Fun ready to run, gas, nitro and electric powered remote controlled surface vehicles. All Redcat Racing vehicles come fully assembled and ready to run right out to the box making it simple for anyone to get started in the R/C hobby. Redcat Racing has a complete line of parts and accessories as well as a wide selection of vehicle sizes ranging from 1/24 scale to 1/5 scale, ensuring that there is a Fast-Affordable-Fun vehicle for everyone. Visit for more information and to find a dealer near you.


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