Redcat Racing Friday Fun Feature: Rampage XR EP Pro Rally RC Car – Street Rally!

Redcat Racing Friday Fun Feature Rampage XR RC Rally Car Street Rally Image

Redcat Racing RC #FridayFunFeature: Rampage XR EP Pro Rally RC Car – Street Rally!

ThirdCoastRC has another cool video for this week’s Friday Fun Feature! The latest vid is showcasing the awesomeness that is the Rampage Rally EP Pro. This large scale, electric brushless powered, 4WD rally has the size, power, and handling for extreme fun. Powerful 150A electronic speed controller, 980Kv brushless motor, and dual 11.1v LIPO battery packs provide loads of torque and serious horse power. The best part? It even comes with it’s own set of little traffic cones!

Third Coast says it best, “Simple street rally track, set this type of course up your self in 5 mins and have a blast. A buddy with a stopwatch and you have yourself a home grown rally competition.”

Thanks for another cool video, Third Coast RC!

More info on the Redcat Racing Rampage Rally EP Pro

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