Redcat releases the Wendigo, 1:10 scale 4WD RTR Rock Racer

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Redcat releases the Wendigo, 1:10 scale 4WD RTR Rock Racer

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Available March 4, 2020

Price $ 389.99

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Redcat has just released a new 1:10 scale rock racer, the Wendigo. Designed to look and handle like a 1:1 scale rock racer, the Wendigo utilizes solid axles both front and rear. The Wendigo is a purpose built scale rig.

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Rock racing is similar to rock crawling, but with a wider range of obstacles and the drivers compete for the fastest time. Because rock racing demands so much from a vehicle, these trucks must be both capable and durable.

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Rock racers are faster than typical rock crawlers, which is why the Wendigo is fitted with a Hobbywing 60A brushless ESC and A 3300KV 540 size brushless motor. The Wendigo is capable of running 2S or 3S LIPO power.

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The Wendigo features a front mounted motor, centrally mounted divorced transfer case and strategically placed battery tray. This setup offers excellent weight distribution which causes the Wendigo to behave predictably when climbing over obstacles. Proper balance is also important when putting on your race hat. The Wendigo is able to blast around high speed tracks and obstacles with a finesse not commonly found in solid axle RTR vehicles.

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The Wendigo features 1.5mm steel ladder-type frame rails which provide a sturdy backbone for this vehicle. The wheelbase is adjustable from 334.7mm to 358.7mm, with 346.7mm being the stock configuration. The Wendigo’s gear boxes feature Mod1 gears and ball bearings. The heavy duty telescoping driveshafts provide reliable power delivery to the front and rear trussed axle housings. These axle housings feature diamond shaped pumpkins and upper trusses for rigidity.  A metal spool ensures equal power transfer to both the left and right heavy duty straight axles, while a one piece pinion gear provides additional strength to the drivetrain.

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The Wendigo’s aluminum body oil filled shocks have a threaded collar for quick adjustments to the vehicle’s ride height. Each shock tower offers nine upper shock mounting positions for further suspension tuning.

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Heavy duty 5mm steel suspension links are used in the Wendigo’s front and rear suspension. An adjustable rear sway bar helps to minimize torque twist and adds stability during high speed cornering.

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A rock racer wouldn’t be complete without high quality off road tires and wheels. The Wendigo sits on licensed Interco Super Swamper 2.2” tires which are mounted to licensed Raceline Avenger wheels. The Super Swampers scooped tread lugs provide excellent forward grip on dirt, grass, pavement, rocks, mud and snow. The aggressive tread design and lug spacing release dirt and debris, keeping the tire clean for the next obstacle. Side lugs allow the Wendigo to achieve grip while squeezing between two large rocks, through washouts and other canyon-like obstacles. 

High performance tires deserve a high performance wheel. The Raceline Avenger wheels are precision made with the right amount of offset and superior durability.

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Many scale details and accessories come standard with the Redcat Wedigo to ensure users get the very best visual experience from their vehicle. This Rock Racer features a realistic racing body with narrowed rear quarters and a full roll cage. Additional scale details include a driver and co-pilot with adjustable helmet visors, a realistic navigation screen, rear fuel cell and a radiator with twin cooling fans.

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Additional scale accessories include a fuel can, fire extinguishers and functional recovery ramps.

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WENDIGO: Fully Assembled
ESC: Hobbywing 10BL60 (2-3S 60A)
Motor: 540 sized 3300KV motor 3mm shaft diameter
Servo: Metal gear high torque 25KG steering servo
Radio: 2.4GHz radio system
Chassis: 1.5mm Thick Steel C-Channel Frame Rails
Drive System: 4-Wheel-Drive, Front Mounted Motor
Transmission: Single Speed with Adjustable Slipper Clutch
Transfer Case: Divorced, Centrally Mounted
Suspension: 4-Link Rear and 3-Link Front with Panhard Bar
Anti-Sway Bar: Adjustable Rear Anti-Sway Bar
Shocks: Big Bore Coilover Threaded Aluminum Body
Axles: 6mm Solid Rear Axle Shafts, CVA Front Axles and CNC aluminum spools
Wheels: Licensed Raceline Avenger wheels
Tires: Licensed Irok Super Swamper 2.2” tires
Transmission gear ratio: 1.54:1 (20/13)
Transfer case gear ratio: 1.92:1 (25/13)
Axle ratio: 2.91:1 (32/11)
OTGR: 22.78:1 (43.03:1-18.84:1) adjustment range
Overall length: 546mm
Overall height: 270mm
Wheelbase: 346mm Stock (334-358mm Adjustable)

Needed to complete:
Battery and Charger
AA Batteries for Transmitter
The Redcat Experience
Redcat was founded in 2005 with the ambition of bringing people together and enhancing lives through our products. All of our practices are infused with our passion for automotive racing and R/C. Creating positive experiences with the product and brand is the driving force behind our innovations and vision.

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