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Checkout what the team and BigSquidRC had to say

about the new Team Redcat TR-MT8E.




Here are a few highlights

“There are real monster trucks, then there are truggies, the RedCat doesn’t have a center diff, therefore it is the real dealio. It has been a while since we have reviewed a true MT and had forgotten just how fun they are. The RedCat was easily able to pull off all sorts of crazy tricks that are really hard to do on other truggy/trucks.”

Jumping: Oh yes, the MT8E does love to launch, its big powerplant and firm suspension do a great job of getting enormous airtime.

Bumps/Whoops: With loads of ground clearance, big tires, and firm suspension, the RedCat was an absolute animal in the rough.

Power: There is a ton a on tap. It seems RedCat took a fairly burly power system and geared it to put out serious power on just 4S.

Broken Parts: It took a whole lot of abuse before it finally broke. It survived dozens of backflips, huge ramp hucks, and a two story roof jump with zero breakage. Finally we landed a double backflip a bit off-axis and snapped part of the rear hub.



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