Redcat Racing Caldera 3.0 1/10 Scale Nitro Monster Truck

Redcat Racing Caldera 3.0 Nitro RC Monster Truck Image2

Redcat Racing Caldera 3.0 1/10 Scale 2 Speed Nitro Monster Truck

A 2-Speed sealed transmission, explosive SH .18 3.00cc Nitro engine & slide carburetor make the Caldera 3.0 a volatile mini Mount St. Helens on or off the track. Faster acceleration leads to high octane excitement with this 4X4 monster truck equipped with aluminum alloy chassis, 4 big bore oil filled aluminum capped shocks , polycarbonate bash-resistant body, composite disc brakes and much more. This bold and aggressive 4X4 nitro monster trucks command attention with major MAGMA-tude! Caldera 3.0 product info

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  1. My redcatracing caldera rips,but I think it has a blown head gasket and do you have to locktite the SH 18 nitro engine.

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