Redcat Racing Friday Fun Feature: Derek Johnston and his Rampage XB

Redcat Racing Friday Fun Feature Derek Johnston and his Rampage XB Image

Redcat Racing RC Friday Fun Feature: Derek Johnston and his Rampage XB

This weeks Friday Fun Feature comes to us from “TheGreatHorseman“ and features Redcat Racing SUPER-Fan Derek Johnston. Most people know him as “Captain Redcat” and from his skills in this video, you can see why! Derek has been running Redcats since he was sixteen years old and has come a long way since his first Volcano STX.

Derek has some advice for the beginners, “it’s best to start out with something slower. Like the Volcano EPX, only 20mph and not too fast to where you can get in too much trouble with it. I was like 16 or 17, but I have always been very mechanically inclined, and I researched the h*** out of it before I even had one so it wasn’t too hard to pick up. For someone that isn’t very mechanical or someone just getting into it definitely go brushed to get them used to it. And then you can upgrade to brushless once you get better and want to go faster.”

Great advice Derek! Make sure to watch the insane jumps at the end!

More info on the Redcat Racing Rampage Line

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