Redcat Racing Friday Fun Feature: Rampage XB Fun! Just Add Snow!

Redcat Racing Friday Fun Feature Rampage XB Just Add Snow Video Image

Redcat Racing RC Friday Fun Feature: Rampage XB Fun! Just Add Snow!

This week’s Friday Fun Feature comes to us from the snowy north. Paul Carriere is not only a Redcat Racing fan, he is also a Redcat Racing dealer in Manitoba, Canada! It is obvious from the video that Paul loves to ride his XB and he has fun doing it. The snowy landscape in Manitoba looks just about perfect for some bashing. Seems like snow would be a great cost-effective building material for a jump! Maybe next time, Paul?

You know we love a dog cameo, don’t blink or you might miss it!

You can find Paul and his Rampage at:

Paul’s Custom RC
19065 River OAK Drive
Otterburn, Manitoba R0a1v0

More info on the Redcat Racing Rampage Line

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  1. Paul Carriere March 21, 2014 Reply

    Thanks!! I will be sure to include many jumps in the future..:)

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