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Redcat Racing announces the release of the Everest Gen7. 

Phoenix, Arizona, Sept. 27 2017 – Redcat Racing, the premier source for quality Gas, Nitro and Electric powered RC vehicles, announces the release of the Everest GEN7 – Sport and the Everest GEN7 – Pro.  

Both versions of the Everest GEN7 are available now!

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The Everest GEN7 is a true to scale crawler and was designed from the ground up with the  help of BPC custom chassis, TG2 – Two Guys Trail Gear, and Interco tire company. The Everest Gen7 is an all exclusive Redcat Racing vehicle, so you’ll need to go through an actual Redcat dealer to get one.

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Redcat wanted to build the best RC trail truck possible, so they enlisted the help from some of the best in the business. BPC and TG2 have the hands-on experience needed, running and designing full sized rock crawlers and trail rigs, to help design the perfect combination of performance and scale looks. The GEN7 uses a one of a kind 3mm steel ladder frame chassis, which supports many different set up options for serious off roaders. Its unique design not only looks cool, but puts the weight where it’s needed for true-to-scale performance. With an adjustable wheelbase & multiple shock mounting positions the GEN7 can be set up the way you want it.

Redcat didn’t stop there. What better way to throw down traction than with exact replicas of some of the best and well known tires in in off roading community? Redcat achieved the traction needed for a scale crawler by enlisting the help of Interco tire corporation, an absolute leader in the full scale offroad tire industry. Redcat asked Interco for their help, and once they saw what was happening over at Redcat, they were happy to contribute to the GEN7 project. If you’re into off roading, you’ve definitely heard of the Super Swamper tire. Interco’s IROK Super Swamper tires have been leading the pack for years, and they’re only getting better. The GEN7 is equipped with fully licensed scale replicas of one of the most successful off road tires on the planet, the Interco Irok Super Swamper.  Now that the GEN7 has an amazing design and some of the best tires available, incorporating functional beadlock wheels into the mix allows the user to quickly swap out the foam tire inserts for different trail conditions, similar to adjusting air pressure, like the full scale drivers do. If you’re looking for total domination, you might just find it in the Redcat Racing Everest GEN7 scale trail truck.  

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The GEN7 is ready to run right out of the box and includes solid front and rear ‘lock-out’ axles, waterproof electronics, true 1.9 inch functional beadlock rims and ships with Irok Super Swamper tires, officially licensed by Interco Tire Corporation. The GEN7 has a custom mounted polycarbonate body shell which includes a decal pack so you can get the scale look that the crawler community wants these days. The GEN7 is available in two versions, the Pro version and the Sport version. Both versions are very capable rigs and will provide loads trail excitement, but the Pro version includes many scale extras and performance upgrades like threaded aluminum shocks, aluminum solid axle hubs, pro tire inserts, CVA front axles, steel axle skid plates, inner fender wells, tilt body, easy access roll cage, fender flares with rock rails, a realistic looking scale roof rack with detailed scale accessory pack, snorkel, and scale light bar (lights not included).

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eee pr 8Both Vehicles Include:

  • Motor Type: Electric Brushed 550
  • Transmission: Forward & Reverse
  • Drive System: Center Drive, Single Brushed Motor – 4 Wheel Drive
  • Tires: Interco Irok Super Swampers (licensed)
  • Rims: 1.9 Beadlock Wheels with 2mm Thick Lock Rings
  • Wheelbase:  12.5in (adjustable).
  • Chassis Type: 3mm  Steel Ladder-Frame Design
  • Speed Control: Waterproof Brushed
  • Radio System: 2.4GHz Radio System

Sport Model Specs:

  • Shocks: Aluminum Capped Oil Filled
  • Front Axles: Dogbone
  • Tire Inserts: Sport Foams
  • Differentials: Locked Plastic Axle Hubs
  • Body: Detailed Polycarbonate Body with Customizable Sticker Pack
  • Scale Accessories: Detailed Bumpers
  • Battery: 7.2v 2000mAh NiMH

Pro Model Specs:

  • Shocks: Aluminum Threaded Body Oil Filled
  • Front Axles: CVA Axles
  • Tire Inserts: Pro Foams
  • Differentials: Locked Aluminum Axle Hubs
  • Body: Detailed Polycarbonate Tilt Body with Full Roll Cage and Customizable Sticker Pack
  • Scale Accessories: Detailed Bumpers with Shackles, Steel Axle Skid Plates, Inner Fender Wells, Fender Flares with Rock Rails, A Realistic Looking Scale Roof Rack with Detailed Scale Accessory Pack, Snorkel, and scale Light Bar (lights not included).
  • Battery: 7.2v 3000mAh NiMH



About Redcat Racing:
Established in 2005, Redcat Racing ( has become premier name for Fast – Affordable – Fun ready to run, gas, nitro and electric powered remote controlled surface vehicles. All Redcat Racing vehicles come fully assembled and ready to run right out to the box making it simple for anyone to get started in the R/C hobby. Redcat Racing has a complete line of parts and accessories as well as a wide selection of vehicle sizes ranging from 1/24 scale to 1/5 scale, ensuring that there is a Fast-Affordable-Fun vehicle for everyone. Visit for more information and to find a dealer near you.

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