Redcat Racing Pit Stop How to RC Nitro Series: RC Nitro Fuel Storage Tip

RC Nitro Fuel


Leaving Nitro fuel in the sun will cause the combustibles in the fuel to evaporate quicker. That pressure release sound you hear when opening the fuel bottle is evaporated liquids.

Store Fuel in a cool dark place 

To lengthen the shelf life of your fuel, store it in a cool dark place. If i’m at the track all day, I make sure to store my fuel in the shade outside of my full scale ride. I also like to bring an inexpensive cooler bag. You know the ones with the zipper. Placing a couple cold packs inside the bag along with the fuel will help to keep it cool, even in the scorching heat. This is an easy way to keep your fuel fresh longer.

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  1. Michael Anderson July 25, 2013 Reply

    Another tip, don’t store fuel in the back seat, put it in the trunk. A dark spot where hot air doesn’t get to is best. Putting it in a bag works, but not if you turn the bag into a portable oven because it’s in sunlight.

    One thing, if you choose to put it under your vehicle (some of the truck owners at the track will do this), don’t forget it there. It sucks when a $30 jug of fuel goes pop when you back out of the parking lot.

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