Redcat Racing Rampage MT 1/5 Scale RC Truck – RC Universe Review

Redcat Racing Rampage MT RC Universe Review Image.jpg

Redcat Racing Rampage MT RC Truck – RC Universe Review

“The most enjoyable thing about driving this truck comes down to 2 things. First, its ability to soak up rough terrain that would otherwise baffle, confuse and stop a smaller truck. The Rampage MT is just not affected by the more difficult terrain in the same way. It doesn’t get all squirrelly on you like those silly 1/8 scale trucks. Sweet! Of course, the flip side to that size and weight means you’ll need a sizeable jump and some decent speed to get the Rampage MT flying. Even with a full tank of fuel, it felt a little too nose heavy and difficult to control in the air. Its weight makes corrections much more difficult, which is not a fault of this truck, just a fact of any vehicle this size. However, the Rampage MT impresses me in ways the others can’t so we’ll leave all those high flying circus stunts to the smaller, lighter trucks”  Read the full review here

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