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Redcat Racing just released a Fully waterproof, 16 LED Light Kit for the popular Gen8 Scout II Scale Crawler. 


Redcat Racing’s Gen8 light kit is a direct fit for their popular Gen8 International Scout II scale crawler. The kit uses 16 LEDs to illuminate the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights, and bumper lights.

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Included with the Gen8 light kit are two LED wire harnesses, one control box, two Y-harness extensions, four wire clips, several wire ties, double sided mounting tape, and an easy to follow installation instruction booklet.

The two main wire harnesses are designed to be a direct fit for the Gen8 International Scout II, resulting in a clean and tidy install. The first wire harness includes six white LEDs for the front and rear bumpers, while the second includes two red LEDs for the tail lights, two red LEDs for the brake lights, two white LEDs for the reverse lights, and six white LEDs for the headlights. There are two brake light modes that can be easily adjusted with the use of the included jumper caps. Once installed, two additional LED ports, not used, can be utilized for adding additional lighting to the vehicle.

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The Gen8 light kit provides realistic automated illumination, to mimic the lighting characteristics of full sized vehicles, and with its plug and play design, the Gen8 light kit is easy to install. The Gen8 light kit is fully waterproof, so it can confidently go wherever the Gen8 can navigate.

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One of the most exciting things about owning a scale crawler, is customizing it. Getting out among friends while driving a Gen8 crawler, that you have personally worked on and made your own, is an incredible feeling. There are many ways to customize the Gen8 scale crawler, but one of the coolest mods, is adding the ability to drive at night. The Gen8 light kit allows you to, not only see obstacles in the pitch black night, but look awesome while doing it. Let your friends drive with their flashlights, while you take the lead and experience night driving the way it was meant to be. Light your own path, with the Gen8 light kit.

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