Redcat Racing Volcano S30 1/10 Scale Nitro RC Monster Truck

Redcat Racing Volcano S30 Nitro RC Truck Image

Redcat Racing Volcano S30 4WD 1/10th scale Nitro Monster Truck

Three NEW body styles are in stock now!

The Volcano S30 replaced the Volcano SV. We upgraded the popular Volcano SV with an SH brand engine, performance header and aluminum tuned exhaust.

Featuring a potent nitro fueled 3.0cc SH-18 engine, tuned exhaust, performance header, durable 2.5mm thick aluminum alloy chassis, 4-wheel independent suspension and 8 oil filled aluminum capped shocks, the popular Volcano S30 has the explosive accelerative force of a miniature Mount St. Helens. This 4X4 ready to run brute boasts a polycarbonate bash-resistant body, composite disc brakes and huge soft compound RC off road tread that’s sure to trample the toughest terrain. A 2.4GHz radio helps control this 3.0cc powered monster. Volcano Product Info.

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  1. So I purchased the s30. Did the break in procedure… let it idle through two full tanks of gas, ran it at 1/4 throttle for 2 tanks, 1/2 throttle, etc. Then I began to tune it by adjusting the HSN in 1/8 turns, like a clock, only adjusting the needle 1 “hour” at a time. Once I felt it was at optimal performance i began to adjust the LSN… Ran great until I adjusted the LSN. Not sure what I did but I can not for the life of me get it to run right. If it’s to lean and the wheels are spinning I rich it but than it dies and i can’t start it because it’s to rich. So I lean it and the wheels spin at almost full speed. I’m only doing 1/16 turns… that’s only half the problem. I’ve been able to get the wheels to stop spinning a couple of times and idle really well but the second, and i do mean second, I give it gas it dies. It’s not like it revs up and then dies it just dies. It goes from idle to dies. Can anybody tell me what the neutral position or factory setting are for both needles and the idle needle? And how to get the carborator to stay at 1mm because it doesn’t go back to the 1mm gap unless I push the brakes and that causes it to die.

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