Size Does not Matter! Redcat Racing Sumo RC 1/24 Scale Electric Vehicles

Redcat Racing Sumo RC Car Image.jpg

Redcat Racing Sumo RC 1/24 Scale Electric Vehicles

Introducing the 1/24 scale SUMO RC vehicles from Redcat Racing. Don’t confuse these little electric RC cars as toys! They are hobby grade fully upgradeable trucks & truggies.

Available hopups include, motors, shocks, bearings, aluminum linkage sets, steel shafts, steel out-drives, aluminum shock towers, aluminum A-Arms and a lot more. See the entire line of Redcat Racing Sumo RC

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  1. JustaDizzyDad March 6, 2014 Reply

    Man, the little guys and I love our sumos! We’ve done everything with them from hill climbing to drifting to driving them completely submersed in a pool. They’re really fun little machines! And, it only take minutes to switch around the setup to get completely different performance out of it to suit your needs for the day. Only thing missing is that metal gears are not yet an option. *hint hint*

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