March, 2013

Redcat Racing Tremor ST: Electric R/C 1/16 Scale Truck

Redcat Racing Tremor ST: Electric RC 1/16 scale Truck Redcat Racing’s NEW Tremor St 1/16th scale RC stadium truck comes […]

Redcat Racing Hurricane XTR: Nitro RC 1/8 Scale Buggy

Redcat Racing Hurricane XTR: Nitro RC 1/8 Scale Buggy The Hurricane XTR is THE ready-to-run “Professional Series” 4WD Nitro powered […]

Adjusting Your Redcat Racing R/C Slipper Clutch

Many RC vehicles are equipped with an adjustable slipper clutch. This slipper clutch has two main purposes, the first being […]

Labeling Redcat Racing R/C Radios

Having many RC cars is awesome, but finding the right controller each time you want to drive can be challenging. […]

Don’t miss the 27th Annual Cactus Classic Off-Road Championship Race going on this week, right in our back yard! – 3/15 thru 3/17

Owned and operated for the last 26 years by Scottsdale RC Speedway Inc. The Cactus Classic is one of the […]

NEW! Redcat Racing – Thunder Drift R/C – Now In Stock!

Want to drift like the Pros? With the all new Redcat Racing Thunder Drift complete with RC drift tires, now […]

Medium thread locker for RC cars

Using thread lock to secure machine screws is common practice in the RC industry. Did you know cleaning the threads […]

All new S-TRYK-R 3wd RC car now in stock!

The all new S-TRYK-R is an exciting RC innovation. This 3-wheel all wheel drive on road vehicle features a precision […]

Tip For Gaining Traction With Your R/C Car

              Simple Green is a great way to clean dirty tires. This concentrated degreaser […]

Redcat Racing Sandstorm: Electric RC 1/10 scale Buggy

Newly released in 2012 from Redcat Racing, the Sandstorm is a 4wd electric 1/10 scale RC buggy. This is right […]